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SOLIDAGE, the McGill University - Université de Montréal Research Group on Frailty and Aging, is devoted to research, policy studies and practice development and training in the organization, management and care of the older population. Formed in 1999 to broaden the collaboration of researchers on integrated services for the frail elderly, SOLIDAGE is based at the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research, Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. CLICK HERE to learn more.

SOLIDAGE receives support and active participation from its partners:


François Béland, Ph.D.
Head of the Research Axis on Health Services
Co-Director, Solidage – Research Group on Aging and Frailty
Full Professor, Public Health School, University of Montreal

Johanne Monette, MD, MSc
Assistant Professor, Division of Geriatric Medicine McGill University and Jewish General Hospital


Howard Bergman, MD
Dr. Joseph Kaufmann Professor of Geriatric Medicine,
Professor of Medicine, Family Medicine and Oncology,
McGill University and Jewish General Hospital

Simon Bergman, MD, MSc
Assistant Professor of Surgery, McGill University
Department of Surgery, Jewish General Hospital

Isabelle Vedel, MD, Ph.D


Research Professionals: Claude Galand, Michèle Monette
Librarian: Muriel Guériton
Programmer: John Fletcher
Biostatistician: Nadia Sourial
Program Coordinator: Rebecca Rupp



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